Women bear almost all responsibility for meeting basic needs of the family, yet are systematically denied the resources, information and freedom of action they need to fulfill this responsibility. They are neglected in society, as a result they became illiterate, poor and malnourished. We at DMFCCF believe that empowering women is the key to change the poverty, uplift underprivileged urban women for a Positive Social Change. Wherever we work, our programs aim to support women and build their capacity. DMFCCF has been organising activities to develop rural women such as leadership development, encouraging, assisting and training the women to stand on their own to make the women’s socio and economic development.

DMFCCF has been supporting the formation and strengthening of Rural women. It has introduced the concept of Saving in order to encourage a spirit of self reliance among women. To support rural women DMFCCF provides basic record keeping training and encourages to undertake income-generating activities. DMFCCF supports and gives training rural women to undertake income generating activities like Tailoring, Candle Making, Jewellery Mould Making, Eco-friendly bag making etc.,

  • We Provide market oriented skills training to women and adolescent girls.
  • Commitment to help mothers of children, who are attending educational classes, and involve them in saving, thrift and credit, skill training and income generation activities.
  • Integration skill training and income generation or making literacy a precondition for skill training and income generation activities.
  • Development of leadership within the communities and linking them with government and non-government facilities.

DMFCCF focuses on the social empowerment of women through their leadership development. The programme provides a social space for women to discuss common concerns in addition to wider issues. Additionally, this enables women to develop the confidence they need to speak out even when men are present. In a village council meeting this allows women to play a greater role in the decision-making process.